Merchant financing is an innovative financing solution catered for merchants who accept card payments as part of their business. By allowing Capital Solutions to debit a proportion of the future card sales, merchants can get cash advance up to 6x of your monthly card sales.  Unlike traditional term loans where there is fixed repayments and period, repayments for merchant financing is flexible with no fixed installments as well as no fixed tenure. Capital Solutions will deduct a pre-agreed proportion of the maerchant’s daily/weekly card sales automatically to service the loan. So, as the merchant’s sales fluctuate, so does the repayments, offering flexibility to run your business.

At the same time, Capital Solutions offer this alternative investments to investor who has risk appetite to the retail and Food & Beverage sectors at very attractive returns and at the same time relatively short dated in tenure (typically between 3 to 6 months).

Merchant Financing
  • Step 1

    SME agrees to sell future card receivables

  • Step 2

    Capital Solutions investors submit bid and fund the loan

  • Step 3

    Capital Solutions provides upfront cash

  • Step 4

    Customer made card sales transaction

  • Step 5

    Remits card sales receipt

  • Step 6

    Capital Solutions retains pre-agreed amount and transfer balance on daily/weekly basis

  • Step 7

    Capital Solutions pays investors

  • Business established for at least 6 months
  • Annual sales at least $300,000
  • Limited assets but has regular card sales income
  • Flexibility on funding size
  • Financing tenure could range between 3 to 9 months
  • Cash advance of up to 4x of monthly sales
  • Available for new/small business
  • Minimum documentation required
  • Improve cashflow without increase in debt
  • Repayment will be sourced from the business card sales receipts
  • No fixed repayments schedule or final maturity
  • No restriction on use of funds