Equity financing is a financial transaction where an existing business sell a portion of the equity stake in exchange for financing or a new entrepreneur who has an idea and would like to transform his/her idea into a business and will partner an investor to provide funding in exchange of shares into the newly incorporated company.

At the same time, this opens up an opportunity to angel investors and venture capitalist to have access to a diverse pool of new and attractive business opportunities and directly invest in them in exchange for shares.

Equity Financing
  • Step 1

    SME approach Capital Solutions to seek funding by selling shares

  • Step 2

    Capital Solutions list the SME in platform for investors’ consideration

  • Step 3

    SME sell the shares to investor

  • Step 4

    Investor disburse the fund to SME

  • A new growing recent startup
  • An entrepeneur who has a business idea/proposal seeking partners/capital
  • Flexibility on funding size and structure
  • Gain exposure to diverse pool of potential investors for equity funding
  • Seek potential experienced business partners to bring your idea into reality
  • Gain mentorship and experience from a panel of seasoned investors