You can click “Apply Now” to leave your details and we will contact you in the next 48 hours to get all the necessary documents from you to our KYC and AML checks.

Accredited institutional investors, family offices, self-certified high net worth individuals as well as self-certified sophisticated investors are currently eligible to invest through the platform.

The minimum initial deposit is $10,000. Your account must be funded before you can participate to bid in live deals.

As a new investor, you need to submit a copy of your identification card (IC or Passport) and proof of address.

Your funds are held in a separate bank account on your behalf, which is segregated account from Capital Solutions account to ensure that investor’s money are not co-mingled with Capital Solutions.

Capital Solutions will administer the funds standing to your credit as a member of the platform. We will act as per instructions given by you.

You can withdraw undeployed funds from your account at any time. We will process your withdrawal request within 24-hours. You cannot withdraw invested funds until your investments are repaid and funds credited to your account.

No. Client funds are withheld in a separate account. These funds can never be transferred to Capital Solutions account without any instructions from you. In the event of insolvency, the structure of the account will disburse all the money back into the investors without any disruptions

No, undeployed funds standing to your credit in our account will not receive any interest.

When you logged in to our platform, you would be able to view a list of active and live deals that you can bid. You can scheme through the types of business that you would like to invest, which could be filtered by product type, sector, etc2. Once you have selected a particular deal, you should be able to see the details pertaining to that deal. All deals are done in an auction basis. If you are interested to bid on a particular deal, you can do so if the bidding auction is open, otherwise you can set an alert to inform you once the bidding auction is open or even set a working order to bid for the invoice.

Capital Solutions only accept Singapore Dollar funds. No other currencies shall be accepted.