Our Mission

Providing one stop shop solutions for business financing needs and at the same time, an alternative high yield investments for investors.


Capital Solutions is an integrated online platform that facilitates borrowers and investors to meet and transact, transforming a traditional banking system and moving it into an online marketplace. Our platform provide one stop solutions for the business financing needs, by offering various products for the business to choose and minimize their cost of capital. At the same time, we have created a new alternative investments for investors at rewarding returns. With our superior technology platform as well as flexible approach to underwriting, these two qualities have set us apart from the traditional banking models and we try to efficiently match supply and demand of capital, enabling capital to be allocated at the most transparent and cost effective manner.

Products Offering

Being a one stop shop financing solutions, Capital Solutions offer various options/products for businesses to raise capital, with each product having its pros/cons and best suited depending on the individual financial situation of the business. The products that are offered are:

<p>Invoice<br />Discounting</p>


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<p>Merchant<br />Financing</p>


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<p>Unsecured<br />Lending</p>


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<p>Equity<br />Financing</p>


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